Coronavirus reaches Africa

The coronavirus has reached Africa. The next few weeks are crucial to tens of thousands of lives.
Patients (c) Light for the World

At the beginning of the crisis, not much was heard about the coronavirus in Africa. It almost seemed as if the virus would not thrive in the continent and its climates. But the situation has taken a turn for the worse: Covid-19 is now spreading rapidly in the regions where the poorest communities live. Cases of infection are growing by over 20% every day . With weak health systems and lack of access to clean water and soap, the spread of the virus – especially in Sub-Saharan Africa – could have devastating consequences. 

"This dangerous virus affects the poorest of the poor in Africa. Most families live together in cramped, confined spaces, so social isolation is hardly possible," reports Elie Bagbila, Light for the World Country Director for Burkina Faso. "In addition, there is a lack of clean water, food, hygiene, and medical care. The elderly, the chronically ill, and people with disabilities are at great risk – they fear for their survival."

It is therefore critical to prevent the rapid spread of Covid-19 in Africa. "The hospitals in our region urgently need protective clothing, " Elie tells us.

With your support, Light for the World can work to slow the transmission and ensure that the basic necessities are available to help treat those who are infected in the countries where we work. We are aiming to provide hospitals with clean water, soap and disinfectants, thermometers, and protective clothing. communities with access to clean  water for drinking and washing hands. 

The time to act is now. Only by working together can we fight the potentially devastating impact of the coronavirus in Africa. Together, let’s protect the most vulnerable and save lives!