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Photo of Marieke Boersma. Credit: Jaco Klamer

Marieke Boersma

Community-Based Rehabilitation, Child Protection

Marieke Boersma is a physiotherapist and medical anthropologist and has lived and worked in Ethiopia since 2002. From 2002 to 2004, Marieke worked as an academic lecturer and department head at the University of Gondar, establishing the physiotherapy department and Bachelor Degree training in physiotherapy. Since 2004 Marieke has been working as a manager, advisor and trainer in Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) projects., working with the partners in the field, and representing Light for the World at international fora for CBR like the IDDC and the CBR Global Network

With her deep understanding of field work as a therapist as well as years of experience in strategic planning, Marieke develops CBR strategies and works as a trainer and advisor for different partners in the field.