Trustees and Management

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD is an international NGO specialising in inclusive development. Our goal is an inclusive society that is open to all and leaves no one behind. We champion accessible eye care and support inclusive education and basic conditions conducive to a self-determined life, so that people with disabilities can participate equally in all aspects of society. LIGHT FOR THE WORLD works closely with local partners, eye clinics and disability rights organisations. This enables us to apply donations in a targeted, sustainable way and create lasting structures that pave the way to an inclusive society.

Board of Trustees

Charity Trustee
Charity Trustee
Charity Trustee

International Management Team

Rupert Roniger. Credit: Gregor Kuntscher
Rupert Roniger
Executive Director International
Alexander Buchinger
Alexander Buchinger
International Fundraising Director
Photo: Daniel Friess
Daniel Friess
International Director Finance & Systems
Jess Blijkers (c) Light for the World
Jess Blijkers
International Director, Programmes and Advocacy
Tom Kingsley
National Director