What we want

The LIGHT FOR THE WORLD programmes enable persons with disabilities a self determined life!

Equal rights and chances for all

Together with persons with disabilities, LIGHT FOR THE WORLD is working towards a fairer world for everybody. We promote equal rights and chances for all. The only chance of success in tackling the systemic inequality, and poverty levels of disabled people throughout the world, is the inclusion of persons with disabilities in all facets of society. By way of exclusion, disability causes poverty - and poverty causes disability.

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD has built a international reputation in the field of eye health. We enable cataract surgeries, build eye clinics, support the training of ophthalmologists and opticians. In addition we are taking part in the worldwide effort to eliminate blinding trachoma by 2020.

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD also promotes that everyone has an equal right to education. We know from our own experience that inclusive schools work best. We therefore support inclusive education projects in which students can learn together and from each other. These initiatives are closely interwoven with community based rehabilitation (CBR) and livelihood programmes.

Our goal: an inclusive world

One billion people - yes, you read that correctly: one billion - are trapped in a cycle of exclusion and poverty. Why? About 15 % of the world’s population live with a disability. In most countries, children with disabilities are excluded from school. If they are prevented from exercising their right to an education now, they will remain excluded as adults: excluded from the labour market, from political participation, from medical aid - in fact, from any realistic chance of security and prosperity. Their children in turn will be more likely to develop a disability themselves and thus become caught up in the vicious cycle of poverty and exclusion.

If we want to tackle systemic poverty, we must first ensure that persons with disabilities are fully included in development efforts. Step by step we are moving towards our goal: an inclusive world in which everybody can participate equally.