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Anti-Corruption Policy

Corruption is defined as “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain ”. It is best known as bribery, fraud and theft, con flict of interest, embezzlement and extortion/blackmail, gifts, nepotism and favouritism. It is important to realise that corruption has many faces and does not exclusively take the form of money. To provide a person with a job, services or other favours can also be a form of corruption. It threatens effective programmatic work in the South and the North, good – governance, sustainable development, democratic processes and fair businesses.

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD reaffirms with this Policy, that no kind of corruption, whatsoever, will be concealed, accepted, negated or understated under any circumstances . This Policy provides guidance for being a transparent organisation as well as setting the appropriate course of action when dealing with the different faces of corruption.

The Policy covers both corruption within the own structures and relations as well as within project partners supported. Key elements include:

  • Principles and Measures to prevent corruption
  • Procedures in cases of suspected corruption
  • Internal Documentation and External Information

pdf – 279 KB