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Two women in wheelchairs sit next to each other under a tree. Both are wearing blue clothes and look at each other amusedly.
Burkina Faso © Gregor Kuntscher

Our Goal & Mission

In an inclusive society, there is a place for everyone. That’s what we work for.

A young Burkinabe woman whose arms end at the ellbows sits in her wheelchair which is pushed by a younger boy. Three other youths are in the background.
Inclusive vocational education strengthens social bonds between students with and without disabilities.

With your support we improve health systems in the poorest regions of the world, enable education for all, and amplify the voices of people with disabilities in the workplace and beyond. In short: we break down unjust barriers to unlock the potential in all of us!

Our commitment

We save Eyesight

90% of people with vision loss can be helped

How we work

We support people in the poorest regions of the world. Find out how we work and what we focus on.

We fight for Disability rights

We enable inclusive environments where everyone can fulfil their potential.