Anticorruption & Transparency

Every Pound that is donated to LIGHT FOR THE WORLD is used in the most effective way possible. 

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD uses every single Pound efficiently and to the greatest possible effect. In order to ensure transparency, integrity, and prevent corruption we have introduced an internal control system. Our Anti-Corruption Policy includes measures such as: 

·       a code of conduct

·       anti-corruption clauses in our partner contracts

·       awareness-raising and training of our staff in our own and partner organisations

·       a whistle-blowing hotline an annual anti-corruption report, which is available if requested.

In addition, LIGHT FOR THE WORLD International and all its members, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom  have their accounts audited by independent external auditors. LIGHT FOR THE WORLD members have been granted quality seals in their respective countries.

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD UK CIO is a non-profit organization, contributions to which are tax-deductible in the United Kingdom. Donations in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Belgium  are tax-deductible, if transferred via the particular country's website.

L-UK is a registered charity (number 1166008). Donations are tax deductible. 

Light for the World is an international disability & development organisation consisting of legal entities in the United Kingdom, USA, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, and Belgium with offices in Cambodia, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of South Sudan, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda. 

We draw on the strengths of our international experts, our national Boards of Trustees, International Board Members and colleagues to realise our mission of “unlocking the potential of people with disabilities and preventing visual disabilities in the world's remotest and poorest areas. 

To realise our mission, we partner with other development agencies and government donors such as DFID, private and international foundations and private donors.

We have long established partnerships with a range of UK International Non-government Organisations as well as donors such DFID, The Big Lottery Fund and Open Society Foundations. 

This structure enables us to respond to the rules and regulations of local and international partners. Partners can choose to partner with either our Light for the World CIO entity which is formally registered in the UK (Registered charity number: 1166008) or our Light for the World International entity registered in Austria (ZVR 315688676) 

Here are examples of our Partners:

We centralise our monitoring and evaluation, our programme coordination teams and grant management systems to ensure that Light for the World is as cost effective and as efficient as possible. 

Activity Report

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As an international organization we work for an inclusive society all over the world.

Erika Tschofönig. Credit: Gregor Kuntscher

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