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Photo: Eye surgery at Beira clinic

New eye clinic for 2 million people

Medical eye care and prevention of blindness are at the top of our list of priorities in Mozambique. With the opening of our new Invicta Eye Clinic in Beira, Central Mozambique is set to gain a central clinic for two million people and a training centre for specialized personnel who can also work far from the major cities. Establishing a permanent network of medical ophthalmic care in rural regions of Mozambique is an important objective for LIGHT FOR THE WORLD. This will enable us to conduct more medical examinations and, if necessary, surgeries, both at rural health stations and, for 2nd level interventions, at the new eye clinic. 

Cataract Surgical Rate per million inhabitants per year: from 181 in 2003 to 340 in 2015

Our aim of providing the population of Mozambique with nation-wide ophthalmic care necessitates the provision of professional training for ophthalmologists and ophthalmic clinical officers (OCOs). The impact of our activites is already considerable, yet a lot remains to be done. Our aim for the near future is to maintain a steady intake of at least 4 ophthalmologists in training per year by providing stipends.

Ophthalmologists in Mozambique: 5 in 2005, 11 plus 7 in training in 2016

Ophthalmic clinical officers in Mozambique: 19 in 2005, 184 in 2016

Map: Mozambique
  • Area: 799,380 km2
  • Population: 25.8 million
  • Life expectancy: 63.6 years
  • Ophthalmologists: 24
  • Ophthalmologists supported by us: 8
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